Mooring Buoys

people swimming next to a boat tied to a buoy

The sanctuary encourages paddlers, divers, and snorkelers to visit Thunder Bay's shipwrecks. Seasonal mooring buoys can be found on many popular shipwrecks. Moorings not only make shipwrecks easier to locate and safer to visit, they also help prevent anchor damage to these irreplaceable historical sites.

A bright yellow tag line is attached to the buoy which enables visitors to secure their boats to the buoy and safely visit the shipwreck site.

Please join the sanctuary in preserving our maritime heritage for future generations. Removing artifacts or damaging shipwrecks is illegal. Please report looting at 1-800-292-7800.

The buoys are installed and removed seasonally, around May 15 and October 1 each year, so be sure to check with the sanctuary before planning your trip. Use the interactive map below to monitor buoy installation and removal status during the boating season.

List of Seasonal Mooring Buoys