Harltiner Barge (aka Scanlon’s Barge)

A diver swims above metal from a shipwreck
A scuba diver swims over deck machinery from the wreckage of a working barge.

Vessel Type: Wooden derrick barge

GPS Location: N45° 02.146’ W83° 19.631’

Depth: 13-17 feet

Wreck Length: 80 feet

Beam: 33 feet

Gross Tonnage: Unknown

Cargo: Dredging equipment

Launched: Unknown

Wrecked: Circa 1929

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: This work vessel was clearly built for marine contracting work like dredging and constructing breakwaters and docks. The barge sank about a half-mile from shore. Nothing is known of the circumstances of its loss. This fascinating wreck is broken into three pieces, with the large steel crane, steam boiler, deck winches, and anchor all lying in the debris.

heaps of metal from a shipwreck rest underwater
The tangled remains of a large steel crane at the shallow site of Harltiner Barge (aka Scanlon’s Barge.)
A sonar scan of a shipwreck
Side scan sonar image of the scattered wreckage of Harltiner Barge (aka Scanlon’s Barge.)