L.M. Mason

wooden pieces of a shipwreck
The wooden frames curve up from the wrecked hull of L.M. Mason.

Vessel Type: Wooden two-masted schooner

GPS Location: N45°20.784’ W83°29.613’

Depth: 18 feet

Wreck Length: 125 feet

Beam: 25 feet

Gross Tonnage: 340

Cargo: Grain

Launched: 1853

Wrecked: October 22, 1861

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: On October 22, 1861, a fierce storm descended on Lake Huron. Violent northwest winds and a blinding snowstorm wreaked havoc. The heavy weather stranded 14 ships in the North Bay of Presque Isle. Remarkably, there was not a single loss of life, and all of the ships but one were eventually freed. The 125-foot schooner L.M. Mason remained stranded, and Lake Huron’s heavy seas pounded the schooner. Over time, ice, wind, and waves tore apart the vessel.

Today, the remains of L.M.Mason rest in 18 feet of water half a mile southwest of the New Presque Isle Lighthouse. Its shallow resting place in crystal-clear water and proximity to shore make this shipwreck a popular site for divers, snorkelers, and paddlers. Visitors can see a large section of the schooner’s port side and a wooden arch built into the hull to strengthen the vessel.

Great Lakes Maritime Collection digital archive: http://greatlakeships.org/2904590/data?n=3

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wooden pieces of a shipwreck
A view inside the inner hull of L.M. Mason. Features typical of wooden ship construction are evident, including knees, ceiling planking, and frames.