John F. Warner

parts of a shipwreck rest on a lake bed
Ship frames and planks coated in invasive mussels at the shallow site of John F. Warner.

Vessel Type: Sail: wooden three-masted schooner

GPS Location: N45° 03.050’ W83° 26.128’

Depth: 9 feet

Wreck Length: 126 feet

Beam: 26 feet

Gross Tonnage: 200

Cargo: Lumber, Lath

Launched: 1855 by Quayle and Martin at Cleveland, Ohio

Wrecked: October 13, 1890

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: While at anchor on October 13, 1890, the schooner barge John F. Warner fought heavy seas off Alpena. The storm stranded the ship at the river mouth after its anchor chains snapped. The Alpena Weekly Argus reported, “The heaviest sea ever known here ran into the bay, and all day the barge pounded on the bottom. The crew got off safely…the sea, which had been washing over her all day, broke her in two.” In order to clear the river for safe navigation, Warner was towed south and abandoned. Today, the wreck sits in less than 15 feet of water and is easily accessible.

Great Lakes Maritime Collection digital archive:

parts of a shipwreck rest on a lake bed
A mast step in the keelson of John F. Warner.
Siteplan for John f. warner
Archaeological site plan of John F. Warner.