W.P. Thew

a diver inspects a shipwreck
iver inspects W.P. Thew’s scattered machinery.

Ship Stats

sonar scan of a shipwreck
Sonar image of the W.P. Thew shipwreck site

Vessel Type: Motor: wooden steam barge

GPS Location: N45° 02.705’ W83° 09.205’

Depth: 84 Feet

Wreck Length: 132 Feet

Beam: 24 Feet

Gross Tonnage: 206

Cargo: None

Launched: 1884 by H.D. Root at Lorain, Ohio

Wrecked: June 22, 1909

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: W.P. Thew was one of many 19th-century steamers designed to carry forest products like logs, lumber, railroad ties, and shingles. After a 25-year career, W.P. Thew was struck in a fog by the 545-foot freighter William Livingston and sent to the bottom of Lake Huron. William Livingston didn't stop after the collision. Although Thew sank quickly, no lives were lost. Today divers can visit its scattered remains, including some machinery and deck equipment.

Great Lakes Maritime Collection digital archive: http://greatlakeships.org/2897385/data?n=1

360 Virtual Dive:

a diver swims towards machine-looking debris from a shipwreck
Diver takes a photo of the remains of W.P. Thew.
round debris coverd in marine growth with pipes extending from it
View of W.P. Thew’s boiler