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Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary


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Bulk carrier loading.

Bulk Freighter

GPS Location: N45°10.053' W83°13.043'

Depth: 145 Feet

Wreck Length: 231 Feet Beam: 38 Feet

Gross Tonnage: 1457 Cargo: Coal

Built: 1885 by Morely and Hill at Marine City, Michigan

Wrecked: June 30, 1906



Bow windlass with crosshead handle.

Mooring BuoyMooring Buoy: NO
The sanctuary maintains seasonal moorings at many shipwreck sites. Available from May to September, the moorings make for safer diving and also protect shipwrecks from anchor damage. Sanctuary regulations require vessels to use moorings when present.

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Enjoy diving the shipwrecks of Thunder Bay, but always respect the past. State and federal laws prohibit removing or disturbing artifacts. Future generations are depending on us to leave historic shipwrecks intact. Please take only pictures and leave only bubbles.

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
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