New Orleans (1885)

an over-head view of a shipwreck
Orthomosaic of the shipwreck New Orleans

Vessel Type: Motor: bulk freighter

GPS Location: N45°10.053' W83°13.043'

Depth: 145 feet

Wreck Length: 231 feet

Beam: 38 feet

Gross Tonnage: 1457

Cargo: Coal

Launched: 1885 by Morely and Hill at Marine City, Michigan

Wrecked: June 30, 1906

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: The bulk freighter New Orleans sank in a collision with steamer William R. Linn in a fog. The New Orlean’s crew were rescued by William R. Linn.

Two divera awim above a shipwreck
Divers swim over the deck of the shipwreck New Orleans.
4 divers hover above the bow of a shipwreck
Several divers gather over the bow of the shipwreck New Orleans.
Machinery on the deck of a shipwreck
The winch of the shipwreck New Orleans.