W.H. Gilbert

A sonar scan of a shipwreck
Sonar image of the W.H. Gilbert shipwreck.

Vessel Type: Motor: bulk freighter

GPS Location: N44°50.195' W82°58.722'

Depth: 255 feet

Wreck Length: 328 feet

Beam: 42 Feet

Gross Tonnage: 2820

Cargo: Unknown

Launched: 1892 by Wheeler, F.W. & Company in West Bay City, Michigan

Wrecked: May 22, 1914

Mooring Buoy Data


Heading up Lake Huron with a cargo of coal bound for Green Bay, Wisconsin, W.H. Gilbert was nearly cut in two and sunk by the steamer Caldera during a dense fog. The wreck is largely intact though heavily damaged at the point of collision. The mizzen mast remains upright, though the smokestack was toppled and crushed during impact. The deck is equipped with davits and blocks, wire rigging, winches, bollards, and cargo hatches. The bow is largely covered in clay but the forecastle portholes can still be seen. A metal anchor davit with shackle and the folding stock of an anchor are located forward of the bow.

Great Lakes Maritime Collection digital archive: http://greatlakeships.org/2902649/data?n=1