a diver swims in front of a wooden shipwreck
A diver descends near the bow of the shipwreck Typo.

Vessel Type: Sail: wooden three-masted schoonerl

GPS Location: N44°59.480' W83°02.229'

Depth: 195 feet

Wreck Length: 137 feet

Beam: 26 feet

Gross Tonnage: 336

Cargo: Coal

Launched: 1873 by Wolf & Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wrecked: October 14, 1899

Mooring Buoy Data


Built in 1873, the three-masted schooner Typo ended its 26-year career when it sank six miles southeast of here in October 1899. Loaded with coal for Racine, Wisconsin, the schooner was struck from behind by the steamship W.P. Ketchum. Since the stern cabin served as the crew’s living quarters, this was devastating. Only three of Typo’s seven crew members escaped before it sank in 180 feet of water.

Typo has been incredibly preserved by Lake Huron’s cold, fresh water and sits upright with the foremast intact to the crosstrees. The main mast is broken and topmasts, cross trees, spars, and wire rigging are spread across the deck. The ship’s bell remains hanging atop the windlass. Nearly all of Typo’s hull is intact, except for the stern damage caused by the collision. Piles of coal that spilled from the schooner as it rapidly sank are in a debris field behind the wreck.

Great Lakes Maritime Collection digital archive: http://greatlakeships.org/2897524/data?n=1

Two divers with bright lights swim above the deck of a wooden shipwreck
A diver takes a photograph of the deck of Typo at the bow.
A diver inspects the incredible preservationof ship Typo
A diver inspects the incredible preservation of Typo