shot along a gangway of a ship looking out into merky water
Portholes are visible along the gangway in this image of the sunken vessel Monrovia.

Vessel Type: Motor: ocean vessel

GPS Location: N44° 59.020’ W82° 55.380’

Depth: 140 feet

Wreck Length: 448 feet

Beam: 56 feet

Gross Tonnage: 7076

Cargo: Steel

Launched: 1943 by Rankin and Blackmore at Port Glasgow, Scotland

Wrecked: June 25, 1959

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: Despite improved charts, navigational aids, designated shipping lanes, radio telephones, and even radar, big ships still go down in the Great Lakes. Such was the case when the Liberian-registered ocean freighter Monrovia was rammed by the freighter Royalton during a heavy fog just outside of Thunder Bay. Monrovia went to the bottom in deep water. The wreck sits upright on the lake bottom and is largely intact except for the collision damage.

A deck of a shipwreck in merky water
Rigging and superstructure of the ocean freighter Monrovia loom out of the blue depths of Lake Huron.
sonar image of a shipwreck
Side scan sonar image of the ocean freighter Monrovia.
A diver inspects a shipwreck
A diver photographs the superstructure of the ocean freighter Monrovia.
A doorway into a small room of a shipwreck
An view through a passageway inside the sunken freighter Monrovia.