John T. Johnson

Black and white photo of a two masted ship
Historic image of John T. Johnson. Image courtesy of: Great Lakes Maritime Collection, Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library.

Vessel Type: Sail: wooden schooner barge

GPS Location: N45°01.299' W83°15.721'

Depth: 7 feet

Wreck Length: 171 feet

Beam: 31 feet

Gross Tonnage: 448

Cargo: Lumber

Launched: 1873 by John Squires in Huron, Ohio

Wrecked: November 29, 1904

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: The propeller steamer B.W. Blanchard was towing John T. Johnson and the schooner John Kilderhouse when all three were driven ashore at North Point Reef in a blinding snowstorm. B.W. Blanchard was an immediate total loss, while several days of pounding in the surf of Lake Huron eventually destroyed John T. Johnson as well. John Kilderhouse, last to hit the reef, was recovered.

Today, the wreck of John T. Johnson is very near shore in shallow water and largely covered in sand and cobbles. It consists of a bottom hull structure with a pocket piece for the centerboard trunk. Portions of the sides with hull and ceiling planking are also buried nearby.