D.R. Hanna

scuba divers explore the stern of D.R. Hanna
Technical scuba divers explore the stern of D.R. Hanna.

Vessel Type: Motor: steel bulk freighter

GPS Location: N45° 05.050' W83° 05.193'

Depth: 135 feet

Wreck Length: 532 feet

Beam: 56 feet

Gross Tonnage: 7023

Cargo: Wheat

Built: 1906 by American Ship Building Co. at Lorain, Ohio

Wrecked: May 16, 1919

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: Carrying 377,000 bushels of wheat from Duluth, Minnesota, and bound for Buffalo, New York, the steel bulk freighter D.R. Hanna was run into and sunk by the steamer Quincy A. Shaw. Hanna rolled over and is now resting upside down on the lake bottom. It is the largest wreck in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

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A diver hovers near the bow of the D.R. Hanna
A diver hovers nearly 135 feet deep at the bow of the sunken freighter D.R. Hanna.
Side scan image of D.R. Hanna
Side scan image of the steel freighter D.R. Hanna as it rests upside down.
diver swimming by the stern and propeller
Side view of D.R. Hanna's stern with propeller and rudder in place.