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Gilchrest Fleet
Wooden Schooner Barge
Historic Research Collection

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Description: The beginning of the 20th century witnessed the widespread abandonment of vessels engaged in the rapidly declining lumber trade. Whitefish Point in Isaacson Bay served as a graveyard for F.W. Gilchrist’s schooner barge fleet abandoned when he moved his sawmill operations to Oregon. The S.H. Lathrop was stripped and run up on the point in 1902. In 1903 both the Light Guard and Knight Templar were placed at Whitefish Point after being stripped. All three schooner barges were canal size, 136 to 143 feet in length, and large sections of hull representing at least two of the vessels can be viewed in 3 to 7 feet of water adjacent to miscellaneous wreckage including a centerboard, rudder, and a small metal duck boat.

Knight Templar
wooden schooner barge
Dimensions: 136 by 26 by 11’, 290 gross tons, 275 net tons
Built: 1865 by George Goble, Oswego, New York
Loss: July 25, 1903

S.H. Lathrop
wooden schooner barge
Dimensions: 137 by 26.1 by 10.3’, 278 gross tons, 264 net tons
Built: 1856 by Francis N. Jones, Buffalo, New York
Loss: May 14, 1902

Light Guard
wooden schooner
Dimensions: 143 by 27 by 11’, 310 gross tons, 295 net tons
Built: 1866 by J.M. Jones, Detroit, Michigan
Loss: July 22, 1903



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