Empire State

Vessel Type: Sail: wooden two-masted brigantine

GPS Location: N45°00.853' W83°15.377'

Depth: 12 feet

Wreck Length: 136 feet

Beam: 25 feet

Gross Tonnage: 318

Cargo: Iron ore

Launched: 1862 by Lewis Shickluna in St. Catharines, Ontario

Wrecked: November 8, 1877

Mooring Buoy Data

Description: Empire State ran into a ferocious gale off Thunder Bay that put the schooner ashore on North Point Reef. The schooner broke in two almost instantly and the crew was rescued by the Thunder Bay Island Life Saving Station.

Today a large section of wreckage, including some of the cargo, remains on the reef. The sides are separated and missing and the rudder and portions of the stern are located a few hundred yards west of the hull wreckage.