A perspective view of the Kyle Spangler drawn by marine artist Robert McGreevy. Based on archeological data acquired in 2008 (NOAA/Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary).


spangler  spangler
(left) This 2003 photo by Stan Stock shows the Spangler's nameboard (right) Today the name is unreadable due to coverage by quagga mussels, an invasive species related to zebra mussels.


Made up of many individual images, this 2008 photomosaic of the site shows vividly the fatal bow damage that sent the Spangler to the bottom (NOAA/Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary).

A 2008 site plan of the schooner Kyle Spangler. Click here for a downloadable PDF version and site location coordinates (NOAA/Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary).


Kyle Spangler Video

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