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The three-masted schooner JAMES MOWATT (US 76518) was built at Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1884 by Wolf and Davidson. The vessel was first enrolled at Milwaukee on August 1, 1884 with the following dimensions: 166'4" x 33'1" x 13' and 523.17 gross/497.02 net tons. D.P. Craine was the first master. The JAMES MOWATT turned out to be the last full-rigged, three-masted schooner built at Milwaukee. It was built with fine lines and a clean run that foretold of fair speed.

James Mowatt as schooner
The schooner JAMES MOWATT at coal dock in Alpena Harbor.
W.W. Wolf remained managing owner of the vessel until March 26, 1887, when D.P. Craine became managing owner as well as master. This arrangement lasted only one season. On April 24, 1888, the vessel was reenrolled at Chicago with G.C. Finney as managing owner and H. Becker as master. The vessel was sold in early 1894 and reenrolled at Port Huron, Michigan with J.W. Squires as managing owner and master. J.W. Squires remained managing owner until 1907 when he was replaced by Richard F. Squires.
James Mowatt as barge
Like many schooners, the MOWATT was cut down to a schooner-barge later in its career. The MOWATT is shown here with a load of lumber at Michigan City, Indiana.
The MOWATT met its demise on October 10, 1919. On that day, the vessel reportedly foundered thirteen miles northwest of Alpena, Michigan with a cargo of lumber. Some sources indicate, however, that the vessel ran into a stone jetty in Alpena Harbor and sank. The wreckage has not been identified.



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