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National Historic Landmark Potential

A recent study indicates that at least eight individual shipwrecks, and Thunder Bay's collection as a whole, qualify for National Historic Landmark status. The eight vessels that have been evaluated individually are listed below. Of these eight, only the NEW ORLEANS, GRECIAN, and SCOTT have been positively identified. The remains of the others wait to be discovered. Follow the links to learn more about the ships and the events leading to their loss.

Vessel information (unless otherwise noted) excerpted from Martin, Jay C. 1996. Preliminary comparative and theme study of national historic landmark potential for Thunder Bay, Michigan. Great Lakes Visual/Research, Inc., Lansing, MI.

Name Type Built Lost Historical Theme
HAVRE schooner 1836 1845 early schooner trade
H. HUBBARD schooner 1842 1845 early schooner trade
NEW ORLEANS sidewheeler 1844 1847 westward expansion / passenger trade
JOHN F. WARNER schooner 1855 1890 early lakes to ocean trade
KYLE SPANGLER schooner 1856 1860 early lakes to ocean trade
JAMES MOWATT schooner 1884 1919 height of schooner development
GRECIAN steel propeller 1891 1906 steel shipbuilding / bulk cargo trade
ISAAC M. SCOTT steel propeller 1909 1913 steel shipbuilding / bulk cargo trade; Great Storm of 1913



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