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Known Shipwrecks


Official Number 62866
Date Built 1883 by D. Lester at Marine City, MI
Date Lost November 17, 1911
Type Wooden 2-masted schooner-barge, bulk freight (built as 3-masted schooner)
Dimensions 165 x 30 x 11
Gross Tonnage 435
Cargo Coal
Circumstances In tow of steamer ISABELLA J. BOYCE, swamped and sank in a storm. Located 3.5 miles east of 9 Mile Point.
Depth 40 ft
Condition ?
Location Lat/Lon: 45° 08' 50" / 83° 14' 40"
Sources MSU 1975.
Official Number ?
Date Built ?
Date Lost ?
Type Barge
Dimensions 68
Gross Tonnage ?
Cargo ?
Circumstances Used on salvage of GRECIAN and sank alongside that vessel.
Depth 105 ft
Condition Intact; wheelhouse present.
Location GPS: 44.58.5673/ 83.13.1505-starboard Loran C: 30839.5 / 48707.5
Sources Bedford 2000; Thunder Bay Divers 1999.
Official Number ?
Date Built ?
Date Lost ?
Type Wooden schooner-barge
Gross Tonnage ?
Cargo ?
Circumstances Fire. Inside Thunder Bay close to North Point, about 1 mile from shore. On NOAA charts according to MSU.
Depth 50 ft
Condition Unknown

Burnt to water line; prop, 2 life boats, and boiler on board.


Sources Bedford 2000; MSU 1975.
Official Number ?
Date Built ?
Date Lost ?
Type Wooden schooner-barge
Dimensions 148
Gross Tonnage ?
Cargo ?
Circumstances Located 600 feet east of marina and breakwall.
Depth 14 ft
Condition Large keelson and stern port.
Location GPS: 45.03.27 / 83.25.38 Loran C: 30904.5 / 48649.7
Sources Bedford 2000; Thunder Bay Divers 1999.

Sources and Notes

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 1999. Proposed Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Final Environmental Impact Statement / Management Plan (pdf) .

Thunder Bay Divers. 1999. Shipwreck Sites. A list of the shipwrecks in Thunder Bay that are marked with mooring buoys. Brochure also available from the Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (1-800-4-ALPENA).

Stonehouse, Frederick. 1992. A Short Guide to the Shipwrecks of Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve, Alpena. One of the only published resources specific to Thunder Bay. Includes detailed stories, as well as a listing of many wrecks that have yet to be located. Includes primary and secondary source citations.

Swayze, David. 1999. The Great Lakes Shipwreck File: Total Losses of Great Lakes Ships, 1679 -1998. The most comprehensive listing of Great Lakes shipwrecks on the Internet or in print. Utilizes an extensive code system to identify sources.

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