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The schooner H. HUBBARD was a two-masted vessel built at Port Huron, Michigan in 1842. The first enrollment issued on July 12, 1842 at Detroit, Michigan gave the dimensions as 52' x 16'1" x 6'2" and 53 46/95 gross tons. The vessel was named for part owner Henry Hubbard of Sullivants, New Hampshire. D.M. Heyedin of Port Huron was the other owner and A. Howe was the first master. The vessel was described as having a scroll head.

The next year Hubbard sold his interest in the vessel to John Burch of Monroe, Michigan and the vessel was reenrolled at Detroit on September 13 with John Pierce listed as master. Pierce was retained as master when Heyedin sold his interest to George Pearson of Detroit, and the vessel was reenrolled at Detroit on March 9, 1844. In October Pearson purchased the remaining interest in the vessel and served as master.

The H. HUBBARD was sailing between Detroit and Sault Ste. Marie when it capsized in the vicinity of Thunder Bay on or about June 8, 1845. The crew, including young ordinary seaman Peter White (later prominent Marquette businessman and investor), were picked up by a passing vessel and taken to Bay City. Later attempts to find and retrieve the vessel were unsuccessful. The remains of the H. HUBBARD have not been located.


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